Friday, August 23, 2013

The Purpose Of Cars

Have you ever asked yourself why we have cars all around us today? Have you ever asked yourself what the purpose of cars are? May be you have not. The post will help clearify that issue. In this post i want to share with you why i think cars exist.
Cars,the beautiful moving alloy metals. What a creation and creativity. Thank God we have cars around. They make life good and sweet. Every body should have one. Don't you think so? •To Make Life Easier: Car trully make life easy. Just imagine the stone age and you will understand what i mean. With them now we just breeze around and experience the wonders of auto technology.

For Transportation: This is quite obvious. Everyone know this. It easier now to move from one point to another than it was 100years ago. We can now comfortably travel very long distances with ease and comfort.

To Show Class: There are cars that are specifically made for this reason: Show of Class. They are not just for comfort and transportation or any other reason. They are simply to show where one belongs in the society. By simply riding in them you are classed by the society. All cars are cars but not all cars are thesame.

For Business: Auto engineers make cars to make money. Its their business thats what they sell. They in in the auto industry to make money and make it big time. So while others are buying cars for other reasons to them making this cars is their business.

These are the reason why i think we have cars today. There may be many others but these are mine. Please if you have other reasons don't hesitate to post it below.

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