Sunday, August 25, 2013

Auto Insurance In Africa

Africa is a continent that is developing and developing really fast. Though Africa has made and is making significant changes and progress,there is room for more work in certain crucial areas. One of such areas is auto insurance.
Auto Insurance in most african countries is nothing to write home about. Its even totally neglected or not even talked about. People just cruise around with their cars and risk their lives with other peoples lives in the vehicle.
In some of this nations like Nigeria,there are law that covers such but are never inacted. So people just live their life. Just a minute number insure their vehicles.
The annoying part is that,even commercial transporters do not care to insure their vehicles. Human lives are risked recklessly without looking back. Accidents happen and the passengers are left to fend for them selves. If this vehicles were insured it would be a different story.
In most part part of Africa,auto insurance is seen as optional. It is not thesame in the European world where its a necessity. In Europe,where proper laws have been made and are inacted and enforced appropriately,insurance is a must. Infact,if you run a commercial transport company and your vehicles are not insured no body will visit your business place.
Africa needs to wake up in this area.
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